A branded tablecloth has become a reasonable priced commodity for your business.  Exhibitions and Trade shows, networking at events – having a branded or printed tablecloth with your logo can really make your company stand out in a crowded room.  And they aren’t so expensive these days as technology improves all the time bringing the price of a printed tablecloth down. 

Your options for printing your branded tablecloth are unlimited.  You can have a single colour print, a full colour print, a photograph printed on to your tablecloth.  You can print your logo on the front overhang, you can print all over, either your logo repeated diagonally for example, or a beautiful picture – again a 4 colour printing process for your printed tablecloth is not a problem!

You can purchase a printed tablecloth if you just want 1, or as some of our customers have, purchase them by the hundreds to send all over the world – we can tell you the weight of the final printed tablecloth so you can take it abroad with you if this helps.

Some exhibition centres insist that you use flame retardant printed tablecloths.  We can provide these for you, although these are more expensive – but they are fully printable and customisable and also fully certified for your exhibition requirements.

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