If you are new to exhibitions and trade shows, or if you are a seasoned professional, exhibition tablecloths can seem like a minefield to get through.  Here at Branded Tablecloths we have developed a couple of standard sized exhibition tablecloths to simplify the process, and a printed exhibition runner to accompany the product range.

Exhibition Tablecloths

Exhibition Tablecloths

Our 5ft size exhibition tablecloths will fit 4ft, 5ft and 6ft size trestle tables.  The tablecloth will push to the floor at the front and the logo will always be positioned a specified distance from the hem so your printed logo will always be in the correct place.  This size exhibition tablecloth will have an overhang at the back of approximately 30-35cm.

Our 6ft size exhibition tablecloths are designed to reach to the floor at the front and sides of most standard 6ft trestle tables, with an overhang at the back of 30-35cm to allow for access to storage, or for people to sit under without getting caught up in the tablecloth.  If you want to purchase the 6ft size exhibition tablecloth, and also be able to use it on 5ft size tables you just need to tuck the tablecloth under at the sides, your logo will still be in the correct position.

We can also supply exhibition tablecloths that reach to the floor on all sides – for best results we need to know the length, width and height of your table and we can calculate the exact size of exhibition tablecloth that you need.  The cost for custom sized table cloths is always a little bit higher for the made to measure service.

The 220gsm cloth that we use is restaurant quality cloth, 100% polyester with a brushed cotton finish. It is anti-stain, anti-crease and extremely colour fast fabric and very hard wearing – perfect for exhibitions where many hands can be touching your display.

Exhibition - other items

Exhibition – other items

We can also offer you printed caps, aprons, hoodies, t-shirts, bibs, bags, mugs, mouse mats and a whole range of items to accompany your exhibition tablecloth so you have the whole package available for your display.  Pay one set up charge and have access to all of these items to put together a really memorable experience for your customers and prospective customers alike.

For help with visuals and to see what Branded Tablecloths can do for you – please email us, or phone us on 01925 262529 and our customer services team will help you through the options.