In an ideal world we would all have a lovely piece of artwork or a logo that could be used in any format, whether for print, web, promotional items, letterheads and anything else you might need it for.  The reality is, sadly, that this is not often the case.

One way round this is to have a vectored piece of artwork which can be resized to any size without any loss of quality.  How is this possible?  There are 2 types of logo’s and artwork files, those which are vectored and those which are raster, or bitmap based.  To give an example we can use the Harberson logo to demonstrate.

Example Logos and Artwork

Vector Logos and Artwork

A vector is a piece of artwork that is based on mathematical equations, i.e. this point (A) relates to this point (B) by this mathematical formula.  This means when you resize the logo the mathematical equation remains the same and the logo resizes exactly as it should without any change to proportion or quality of the logo.

Vectored artwork is also usually very easy to work with – for example any element of the artwork can be picked up and changed, so changing the colour, size, outline etc, is all very easy and we can usually adjust your vectored logo here for no charge as it is so quick and simple to do. In some cases this isn’t so – some artwork, despite being vectored – can be full of hidden pieces or made up of many parts which can be very difficult and time consuming to work with, but these tend to be rare fortunately!

So if we pick up our vectored logo, resize it to a printed tablecloth size and take a sample – a vectored piece of artwork looks like this:

Vectored logo example

Raster or Bitmap Logos and Artwork

Raster images are made up of pixels to give them their shape and form.  This works well at the size the image is created in however, when increasing the size to print on to a tablecloth, this can become hugely distorted.  As a pixel is really just a small square shape, when you increase this the logo can become very blocky and lose a lot of its quality.  Not so bad on small print, but on a tablecloth this can be hugely noticeable as the print area is so large.

Consequently it is always better to work from a vector and if you don’t have one available we can redraw your logo here which means that we can print your tablecloth or other items in very high quality and also that you have a vector available for future use.

So if we pick up our rasterized logo, resize it to a printed tablecloth size and take a sample – a rasterized piece of artwork looks like this:



In the case of high resolution jpg or photographic files – these can be very large in size – anything which is very large in size is probably going to print reasonably well. If in doubt, send through your artwork and we can check it over for you.

For help with any logo or artwork images you may want printing, please send an email or call us on 01925 262529 for further help.