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Happy New Year!

When you are starting out as a new business the costs just keep mounting, even older more established businesses need to look at how much it costs to generate new sales, new customers and new business leads to keep the business going and moving forward.

A printed tablecloth will give you a powerful presence at a trade show or event you might be attending is a great way to get started as a really useful reasonably priced marketing tool. Our tablecloths are designed to be easy care, they are stain and crease resistant and fully washable so you can use them again and again with little fuss.

It doesn’t matter where your event is, whether its in a marquee, at a hotel, in an exhibition centre, your tablecloth can easily be transported to your venue and whizzed out in a flash. It covers your table – so even if the one you are provided with has seen better days, the cloth covers all. It makes you look professional, putting your brand at the front of your area, building brand awareness and respectability right from the first time a potential or an existing customer sees you and your company. It makes you look like you know what you are doing, rather than a just starting out beginner. And the print should last for the life of the cloth, so once you have spent that initial outlay, you don’t have to spend it again.

If you want to have a few items in your arsenal, our exhibition stand package deal is a great starter package.

Exhibition Stand - Package Deal

Exhibition Stand – Package Deal

We use high quality items in this package, so you can be sure that the products will last and look good despite repeated usage. And you can use all of them, or any one of them, at any one time. The package deal features a 5ft size tablecloth with logo, 2 x roller banners (60cm x 200cm) and a wall banner at 100cm x 60cm. When you calculate the cost of this deal individually you are receiving the wall banner for free. We think its a great deal, and not too pricey for what you get for your money. We like to offer Big Guy Branding at Little Guy Prices because once upon a time, that’s where we were.

We have a lovely little team here who really do love to help, so if you have a question or a query, please get in touch. We would love to get you moving towards your goals.