Weddings are such big business these days and so important to the bride and groom to have everything in the correct colour or matching, and souvenirs and memento’s of the big day collected and recorded to look back on fondly. Wedding tablecloths are sometimes overlooked. They are usually provided by the venue, but this usually just includes standard colours, like white.

Imagine having a really striking colour scheme replicated in your wedding tablecloths and table covers. For example – how about turquoise coloured tablecloths, with bright wild raspberry napkins? And why not have chair covers and sashes to match. Even better, why not print on to some of these items, the bride and grooms names, the venue details and time and date of the wedding. If you don’t want to print on to all of the wedding tablecloths you could simply provide one table with a print of the happy couple’s details, custom coloured to match your day and a few coloured marker pens, and have all of the guests sign their names and leave happy messages for the bride and groom to ponder over later on, and again and again as time passes.

All of our coloured tablecloths are restaurant quality and suitable for use at the wedding breakfast, as are our napkins and chair covers. We can also provide printed canopies and wedding chuppahs and the print designs on these can be anything you would like to accompany your wedding colour scheme.

Printed wedding aisle runners are also available. These are hugely popular in America, and cover the aisle of the church or venue and can then be printed with the bride and groom’s details. Covered in rose petals, or have your rose petals printed on, so that there is no risk of falling over.

If you are thinking of placing an order for wedding tablecloths we can always provide colour swatches for you to use when shopping for matching items and we can also provide all the hen and stag do t-shirts, sashes, hoodies, invitations and anything else you might need for your pre wedding party. Make a life little bit easier by having one supplier for all of these items and trust us to provide them for you for your big day.