Look big – not small!

Worried about not looking professional enough at the trade show event you have booked? Nervous about starting out on your own as a sole trader and how you are perceived by others?

Introducing yourself, your idea, and your products to the world needs to come with a certain professional appearance. You can imagine how well the visitors to Dragons Den would do if they turned up in jeans and t-shirts with a prototype made from a cardboard box. The same goes for your appearance whenever you introduce you and your company to potential customers.

It is very hard when surrounded by competitors who may well have been around for longer than you, to compete with a large marketing budget.

Big branding for sole traders

Our printed tablecloths ensure that the visitors who pass your stand see a display that looks as good, if not better, as any other exhibitor at the same event. And you don’t need a huge marketing budget and you don’t need to be a display and marketing expert.

With our help we can remove the additional stress of having lots of questions to answer and decisions to make about setting up a display as our experience ensures that you look great even on a modest budget. It is our job to know how to get the best from your display and how to achieve that with the budget available and that’s what we offer that differs from so many of our competitors.

A printed tablecloth for a sole trader at a local fayre, makes a huge difference. Combine that with a couple of mugs and other promotional items, a branded t-shirt, or shirt, a pop up banner and a bowl of sweets on top, and nobody is going to pass you by, or think that your company isn’t up to the job. And we would be happy to guarantee that because we know that our product really works, and we will take you through it all, step by step, until we know that you are going to shine – like the Big Brand you are at heart.

We will help you to get your customer on board and we will always be happy to answer any questions you might have. None of them are silly – they all grow into knowledge so please just ask, we really don’t mind, in fact we quite like the feedback.

It is all produced in-house, many items are kept in stock and every member of our team is hands on and involved in the whole process, all the way through, so anyone here can help you with any enquiry at any point. You are the most important part of our business and we don’t ever intend to forget that!

Complete packages start from £250.00, printed tablecloths start from as little as £55.00 per tablecloth, and we can build a package to suit you and your budget.

Call us for a chat, on 01925 262529 or email your details to us on info@branded-tablecloths.co.uk. We would love to help!