Marketing… It is mentioned in all business plans, proposals and strategies.  It is studied at school, and college, and university.  It’s a key part of every business, large or small, because without marketing, in one form or another, you wouldn’t have any customers.  If you don’t market your company, you don’t have any sales.  It is that simple.

branded tablecloths in use

branded tablecloths in use

How does one person, an employee for a company, go from being an employee to being a company owner, and first of all to make enough to live on, and then to live comfortably.  The answer to that, is via sales and profit.  You have to have enough sales, with enough of a profit margin, to make a living.  So how do you determine what sort of effort to put in to your marketing?  What marketing will you do to reach your target customers?  If you don’t reach target customers, you don’t reach sales.  You can spread brand awareness which may help with future sales, but realistically you need sales, today and every day after.

So how can branded tablecloths be a useful part of your marketing strategy? 

Well, anywhere you go you can promote your company to potential customers without them even realising it.  In a trade show, or an exhibition, at any networking event, your branded tablecloth is working for you, and it’s a one off cost.  Unlike business cards and flyers, your tablecloth works its magic at every event that you attend, and doesn’t need to be repurchased.

Ideally you need both of these marketing tools.  You need a business card that a potential customer can take away with them, and you need a branded tablecloth that is almost like a part of your suit.  It comes with you wherever you go, and gives you a professional appearance, that potential customers feel makes you a safe company to purchase from.  If you are attending fayres or selling your wares, can you afford to be the only seller there without your branding surrounding you?

Another thing you could consider could be the exhibition package deal. This package includes one branded tablecloth, 2 pull up roller banners and one wall banner.  You can use these items all together or individually depending on where you are.  Give people something to read while they wait to talk to you if you are busy, draw them in with your branding and encourage them to reach the decision to purchase from you, because you look like a professional company.

The roller banners can both have different content, so you can promote two messages at once, you can build brand awareness with your branded tablecloth, and once people have approached you can talk to them and explain more about what you do and how you can help them with your fantastic product range.

A branded tablecloth is like a little sales person, working quietly away in the background for you.  It’s not a critical part of your company, not an essential part of what you need to own to be in business, but it is a very handy tool to have in your kit bag, and once you have bought one it is always available.  You never know who is reading your details and deciding to come and have a look from over the other side of the room, or deciding to make a purchase because this company looks reputable.  It just ticks those silent boxes, that may otherwise count against you.  We think it’s a wise investment and we can’t wait to help you get out there and wow people.