Logo Printing Tablecloths – what file do I need?

Printing Tablecloths

Printing Tablecloths

To print your logo on to a tablecloth we ideally need a vectored format of your artwork. Vectored artwork is based on mathematical formula which can be resized larger and smaller without any loss of quality.

Vectored artwork files can include the following, but these are sometimes non vectored files saved incorrectly – if in doubt send us a copy of your artwork and we can check for you. Vectored files include ai, eps, pdf, cdr and other file formats.

Printing Tablecloths

Printing Tablecloths

Non vectored files, or raster graphics, are based on pixels – when enlarged these images can become blurry and pixelated and are less suitable for printing. These include gif, jpg, psd, png, tiff and some other file types. If you are printing a photograph a high quality jpg will usually be fine but for logo’s you will need a vectored artwork file to print your tablecloth.

Printing tablecloths – what if I don’t have a vectored file?

If you do not have a vectored version of your logo available for printing your tablecloth, we may be able to redraw the logo that you do have. The price for this varies and is based upon how long it will take us to redraw your logo. Prices start from £45 plus VAT and you will be provided with a copy of your vectored logo in pdf format at the proofing stage. If you would like us to provide extra formats, such as a vectored eps file, we can do this – a small charge for this service will apply.

Other printing

Use your logo for other printing

Once you have a copy of your logo in vectored format you are free to use this for any other printing jobs that you have in mind so this is a cost effective way of vectorising your logo for future use, as well as for your printing tablecloth.

If you have any queries please email us at info@branded-tablecloths.co.uk and we will give you a full price breakdown for your quote.