New space, new tools, digital print technology with faster turnaround times and even more streamlined production.  The same quality, if not a little better than before, but now quicker, with better ink matching capabilities.

We love technology, and the age of digital print is well and truly upon us.  And it hasn’t stopped advancing or improving yet, it just keeps evolving, a bit like the internet!

Our investment into technology means we can now offer even more products, we can provide you with ‘suedette’ tablecloths, or moleskin fully printed products, not just tablecloths, but all sorts of accompanying items.  Those wonderful mats that you see in the entrances of schools, printed with wonderfully colourful designs, and pretty much any kind of fabric printing that you can think of. Flags, banners, gazebo’s, tent’s, if its fabric and needs to be branded, we can help 🙂

Wide format fabric printing takes a whole new revolutionary step forward, and here we are! So happy to be a part of it.  Here is our latest addition to the team 🙂

We are looking forward to the improvements that can be made from reinvesting in the company, and hopefully we can make a little something for you along the way 🙂