Ah the wonderful world of the printed flag!

So many sizes, so many options, so much choice.  Do you want a feathered printed flag? A square or rectangle printed flag? What sort of stand or base do you want for your printed flag? Will it be indoor or outdoor?  How long do you want your printed flag to last?  So many questions…

Here at Branded Tablecloths we quite like the feathered or wind chaser printed flags with spike stand for outdoor use, or a heavy weighted stand for indoor use.  For car shows we can provide the flag stands that attach to car wheels to hold themselves in place.  Whichever printed flag you decide you would like for your display – we can help you.  With full colour photographic digital printing, flag life span can be from 1 to 5 years for outdoor use, with indoor use this can even stretch out further – if you don’t think you will be updating your graphics in that time.

Printed flags compliment displays perfectly – in a crowded exhibition centre, a flag can reach up much higher than your table or display, helping visitors to find you much more quickly than without a flag.  Even if they don’t help people to see you they can add a massive visual impact to your stand or display area. 

Outside, the movement of the flag will catch visitor’s eyes as they wander past, drawing them in to your area, again standing up much higher so people can find you more easily – perfect for festivals, gardens and parks, mini markets, fayres, car shows and all sorts of events where people are out and about.

We can supply all of these printed flag options, stands, flagpoles the lot – so please get in touch if this is something you feel would help you and your company.