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Metallic Printing | Branded Tablecloths
metallic printing

metallic printing

A wonderful way to really give your logo shine, or 3d depth is to use metallic printing with metallic inks.

Having a logo which is metallic like the cloth shown above (which is a jewellery design) and printing with the metallic inks, gives an amazing finish to your printed tablecloth. The logo appears much more striking, changing colour as you move from left to right and the metallic ink shows off the highlights and lowlights beautifully, and when the light hits the metallic ink at the right angle the logo absolutely sparkles. It’s an amazing finish, and can give your printed tablecloth a wonderful impression for your customers.

There are a few different ways of metallic printing your design or logo on to your tablecloth, or other printed item. Firstly, if your logo is a solid colour, i.e. text or simple imagery, you can select from the Pantone metallic range and print in metallic. Secondly you can print metallic inks below a print of your logo, using layers of ink to make any existing logo metallic, which means that anybody and any design can benefit from a metallic print to bring a logo to life.

There is an extra charge for the metallic inks as they are more expensive than standard inks and they are usually printed as well as the standard inks, but it isn’t huge, and sometimes the results are well worth the extra. If you think it might be something of interest to you, just ask the question and we can provide a price for you. Metallic printing can make such a difference in such a subtle way 🙂