A lot of our enquiries come through with queries from customers about whether or not they will be able to see a visual or a printing proof of the tablecloth before it becomes a printed tablecloth. Yes – this is all part of the process and the reason we charge a set up fee.  The set up fee covers our production of a pdf proof for you to approve before any printing takes place. 

printing proofs

printing proofs

We provide a standard printing proof – sent with confirmation of all jobs.  It shows the full size of the tablecloth to scale, with the logo in the position it will be in when the tablecloth is printed.  At this point you can change the tablecloth colour, the position of the logo, the size of the logo and anything else that needs tweaking.  Increasing the size may also increase the cost of the printed tablecloth so its always best to get this right as early on as possible. 

Its also possible for us to provide other markings on the proof if you need us to, so we can indicate the front panel, the top panel and anything else you would like to see pictured. 


This is a visual that we provide to show a box fitted tablecloth and how your logo will look – again, this is all to scale and shows the dimensions on the table front overhang and your logo, giving a really wonderful image of how the logo will sit on the front panel.


Although we don’t usually provide printing proofs until we know a job is going ahead, we can provide visuals of how your cloth will look right from the quoting stage. To do this we just need a copy of your logo in vectored format, we need to know the cloth colour you would like and we can send over a visual.  Sometimes a visual really helps to get the cloth colour and the logo size correct, and to give you a good idea of how a professional printed tablecloth with your logo on will look.