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Simple Artwork, Beautiful Exhibition Tablecloths | Branded Tablecloths

Artwork doesn’t have to be incredibly complicated to look striking against the background of exhibition tablecloths. In fact sometimes a really simple logo in one colour can look jaw dropping.  That’s not to say that full colour logos don’t look great – they do, but space around artwork can be just as pleasing to the eye.

simple printed exhibition tablecloths

simple printed exhibition tablecloths

Utilising the space around the design to show the design at its best is a really useful design element and a tool that most designers use frequently.  The Compassion in world farming exhibition tablecloth shown above, really benefits from its simple design and a 2 colour logo against the black background of the cloth.  Really bringing the print to life and making it pop right out at you.

A lot of research on the brain and how it perceives messages can be interpreted to suit the message you are getting across.  We are inundated daily with hundreds, if not thousands, of messages and advertisements.  Imagine how many messages we see in each supermarket visit – is it really possible to recall most of the information on a day to day basis that we see?  Sometimes simpler can be better.  Instead of asking the brain to remember every detail, remembering one visual representation can make it easier for your customer.   Using your exhibition tablecloths to plant one really striking message, and then backing that up with a business card might just mean, that when they leave the event and try to recall who you were and what you did that they needed – your display just might be remembered that little bit easier.